What Makes Working With Us Unique?

We Know How The Body Should Work

Corrective exercise programming fills the gap between physical therapy and personal training.  We offer a "whole body" approach in personal training designed to optimize your posture, pain and performance versus simply treating the symptom, problem or injured area.

At Pain Free Posture MN we offer a variety of therapeutic modalities to address your physical limitations, correct them so you can improve your health, wellness, activities of daily living and fitness/athletic performance goals.  We use our complimentary services as a way to strengthen our clients and teach with a keen eye on postural alignment and correct movement patterns.

We believe that your condition (pain symptom, mobility restriction or lack of function) has more to do with your position (your posture).   If the ROOT CAUSE is not identified, and properly addressed, long-term pain relief and fully mobility and function is almost impossible to achieve.   No matter what service you select, instruction is designed to offer insight into your body's "movement architecture", how to move from an efficient and structurally sound position, while at the same time strengthening and conditioning the body to meet your specific goals.

When it comes to corrective exercise and posture alignment therapy, 

Deb Preachuk is the real deal.  

We practice sound, evidence-based approach of pain relief and posture correction that have helped thousands of people world-wide get out of pain and truly achieve a pain free life and living.

Deb Preachuk is Certified in many complimentary therapeutic modalities, a former Adjunct Instructor at Dakota County Technical College and Egoscue University and has 25+ years of teaching and training experience.  She holds a BRS, and BPE from The University of Manitoba, and many national certifications including The National Posture Institute, The BioMechanics Method, Egoscue University, STOTT Pilates, American Council on Exercise Group Fitness and more.

When you choose to partner with Deb, she will listen and work with you to help bring your body back to it's optimal alignment and function using the best therapeutic modality that fits your finances, learning style and long term goals.  

We WON'T treat your chronic pain, problem or symptom.  We WILL get to the root cause of your pain to help you eliminate it forever so you can live fully and pain free.  We strive to empower YOU with easy to do and practical corrective exercises to reduce and eliminate chronic muscle and joint pain so you can move forward with your physical goals.

So whether you goal is to improve your posture, recover from repetitive stress and motion injury, increase your ability to perform activities of daily living, improve your athletic performance or maintain pain-free and functional movement, Deb Preachuk has the skill set to help you meet and achieve it!

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