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A Corrective Exercise, Pilates & Personal Training Movement Studio

Welcome to Pain Free Posture MN.  

We offer FOUR primary services in a PRIVATE in-home personal training and movement studio:

  1. Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain Relief using Corrective Exercise Programming
  2. Posture Correction 
  3. Restorative Pilates
  4. Personal Training to Improve Athletic Performance and Activities of Daily Living 

Our mission is to help you achieve your personal training goals, prevent or eliminate musculoskeletal pain and improve neuromuscular function and posture quickly and easily.

When you hire the services of Pain Free Posture MN, we will treat and look at the you as a WHOLE person.  You are after all more than just a body!

Corrective exercise fills the gap between physical therapy and personal training.  Corrective exercise is a "whole body" approach to pain,  NOT just the injured area.

We look for the mechanical (root) cause of pain, then use:

  • Non-manual self-myofascial release
  • Specific stretches and
  • Corrective exercises

To address imbalances and misalignments to relieve repetitive stress in the body.  We take a unique and whole body versus symptomatic approach with all our personal training services. 

Deb Preachuk has 25+ years of training experience and holds a BRS, and BPE from The University of Manitoba, and many national certifications including The National Posture Institute, The BioMechanics Method, Egoscue University, STOTT Pilates and more. 

We specialize in postural assessment and chronic muscle and joint pain relief.  Most trainers and therapeutic services only look at the area you're concerned with, or the symptom/point of pain. And that's what makes us DIFFERENT!

Most musculoskeletal pain and postural imbalances develop because the body is out of alignment. Over time, this leads to inflammation and wear and tear in the joints. The muscles become imbalanced and inefficient, your connective tissue gets "fuzzy" and joints are strained.  The imbalances lead to the pain, weight gain, decreased self-esteem and inefficient motor patterns when exercising.

When you partner with Pain Free Posture MN we'll help you bring your body back to optimal alignment and become PAIN FREE using the best corrective exercise modality that fits your finances, learning style and long term goals. Find out how by visiting our Services Page

Why You'll Love US

  • Private instruction with an expert instructor
  • Modified for all levels so you can accomplish your goals

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Deb Preachuk | Hire a Pro

No one is immune to pain.  Muscle and joint pain are symptoms of musculoskeletal dysfunction, and it affects people of every age and ability throughout our lifespan.  

From children to weekend warriors, aging elderly and elite performance athletes, Deb Preachuk has 25+ years experience working successfully with the entire spectrum of ages and abilities to help them achieve goals of a pain free life and living!

At Pain Free Posture MN we are highly trained in human biomechanics to analyze posture, function and gait, to develop a customized routine of stretches and corrective exercises to address your unique needs.

No matter what your age, (dis)ability, history of previous injury, therapy, or surgery, we will work with you to come up with the RIGHT solution!

At Pain Free Posture MN, we're here to LISTEN to you!

 We believe that you know more about your body than anyone else!  It's our responsibility to tune-in, connect and work with you to develop a SMART plan of action to eliminate your chronic muscle and join pain and help prevent it from happening in the future.

When you partener with an experienced Corrective Exercise Specialist like Deb Preachuk you can be assured that the following steps and services will occur.

  1. Analyze your posture relative to it's "blue-print" design
  2. Identify the compensations and dysfunctions at the four major load joints
  3. Evaluate your gait
  4. Create a series of progressive corrective exercise menus desined to help your body restore its proper anatomical position, function and motion
  5. Teach you the exercises - how to do them, what to feel and what to expect

In addition to these basic steps, Deb will also be your COACH.  Deb will actively partner with you, helping to guide you toward improving and enhancing your quality of life through the practical application of Posutre Alignment Therapy and other modalities if needed.   

Coach Deb will help you:

  • Become Action-oriented
  • Move forward
  • Practice non judgement and forgiveness.  (It doesn’t matter how you got here, or who is to blame for the current situation.  It is what it is and we will move forward)
  • Identify the source of your pain and current postural presentation
  • Address what's holding you back from achieving your goals (thoughts, actions and habits)
  • Develop SMART goals
  • Create an achievable solution
  • Implement a corective exercise menu plan that moves you forward with a clear vision

Deb will meet you where you are at right now without judgement, and help you get where you want to be.

Our Approach: What We Do

Inactivity, repetitive motion, traumatic injury and gravity ultimately effect joint position over time by creating muscular compensations. Some of the culprits include sitting at a desk or watching TV for hours on end, shoveling, gardening, driving a car, playing sports, or engaging in other one sided or repetitive activities.

When you partner with Pain Free Posture MN, we will be addressing your posture as it currently sits relative to it's blue-print design (See Position vs Condition).

Reestablishing ideal joint position hinges on identifying and unraveling muscular compensations. Then the muscles must be stimulated to maintain proper length, tension and stability. When the joints are properly aligned, the body will be able to move freely and efficiently. The wear and tear and joint inflammation will be eliminated, cartilage will regenerate, and you will be able to sit, stand, run, jump and move better than you have in years.

Through our unique approach, you can conquer existing and impending problems within the muscular, fascia and nervous systems of your body. And, because all of the systems of the body are interrelated, you may also experience relief of symptoms in the digestive, circulatory, or other organ systems.

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